I posted a few photos on my instagram while in Greece but here’s a few more of the street animals I encountered. Many of them very friendly, especially the dogs.

My aunt was telling me that the street dogs in Porto Xeli only live maybe two years because of hunger or getting hit by a car but the dog you see above has been taken care of by the locals so he has gotten to be much older.

It was hard to see and I wish I could have helped more of them. Before I left I bought some food and gave it to family to feed the local cats, at least for a little while.

Be sure to follow for more photos and more of my adventures. Feel free to share or comment or send me an e-mail at shootme@vengenza.ca.



Published by vengenzafotos

I am a Toronto based freelance photographer with over 10 years experience shooting live concert photography! I'm looking to expand my horizons and really push the boundaries of my photography.

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