Who am I?
Hi! I’m Joanna Glezakos. I am a freelance photographer based out of Toronto, ON.
I am interested in documentary, editorial and commercial photography.
Why I do what I do.
I started taking photographs at 16, after a self-diagnoses of short-term memory loss. I think it stems from blocking out a few overwhelming experiences when I was young. As I grew older I found I couldn’t remember much, of anything really, so I started taking photographs. I photographed anything and everything I never wanted to forget and then it happened. I went to a concert of my favourite band and I felt it. Something I couldn’t describe at the time but it was a feeling I began to crave. I always had a passion for music, you’d see me in a band shirt every day from grade 9-12, with my headphones on, a walkman/cd-player/iPod in hand. After attending a half dozen shows or so I decided to start sneaking my camera in. I loved the energy, the emotion that flows through performer and audience member and wanted to capture it. The moments I experienced, and I think many of us do when watching a live performance, can only be described as euphoria;  a feeling of intense excitement and happiness.
Nothing else has ever made me feel that way before.
The beat pulses through you, the lyrics bring back memories and you close your eyes as the melody overwhelms your senses and you forget everything but the words you can’t help but belt out.
You don’t always feel it, but nothing else feels like it.
How did I get here.
After “borrowing” a few of my dads digital cameras, I took a film photography course in High School. I saved up and bought myself a Nikon D80, shot for 2 years and decided to pursue a BFA from OCAD University.  Through my studies I found various forms of photography that I admire, which is why I enjoy photographing such a variety of subjects. The true beauty to me is in the moment, whatever the subject may be, my goal is to capture moments you don’t want to forget.
Why Vengenza?
I can’t think of a better form of revenge than pursuing your dreams and living your life to the fullest.

The best revenge is to always survive yourself. – Henry Rollins

On this site you will find my photographic journey. I am interested in capturing moments and making memories.  I hope you come along for the ride.

I am always interested in working with new people, feel free to contact me through the Contact Form or at


xo jo


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