26 Days In Greece

From July 6th to August 1st I abandoned all of my responsibilities (well most of them) and boarded a plane to The Motherland with my mama. On July 9th, my cousin Vasilis, was getting married to his beautiful wife Gianna and Baptizing their son, George, and I had the pleasure of photographing their beautiful day. The whole trip was amazing and the time flew by so quickly. I have many stories to share but I thought I’d start with a bit of an introduction and sample of what you can expect as I share how I spent an unbelievable month in Greece.

It felt like a completely different world. When I was 6 my family had planned to move there from Canada but after about 6 months we ended up coming back. I always wondered what my life would have been like if I lived there.

As I look back at the photos, I love to play between black and white and colour. Having done so has made me wonder some times if it was all a dream/what year is it? I don’t think I took advantage of the time I had with family but I’m so glad I got to make all those memories.

The View from Thissio
The roads that wind around the mountain high
Churches hidden on the mountain

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xo jo

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