Is it worth restoring your old photographs?

We all have old photos somewhere around the house either yellowed in a dusty frame on the shelf or hidden in a box. You might stumble upon them during a cleaning or when you’re looking for that something and you start looking through them and remembering the good old days
Maybe they are photos of family members who have now aged or maybe even yourself as a child. The corners are wrinkled and frayed, the photos creased and discoloured, maybe you wondered what a photo might look like in colour. And that’s why I do what I do. Alongside my photography business I also do film scanning and restorations. Yesterday I had the amazing experience of delivering a restored/colourized photograph of young Carmel.


The main focus is Carmel of course but in our discussions Carmel mentioned she remembers the landscape being grassy/sandy. She described her hair as very, very faint, almost white/see through and she had a pink sweater on and a white skirt.
To do this restoration, I began by first restoring the discolouration, spots/dust/marks and converting it to black and white.

black and white restoration

Next was the colourization. When Carmel and I first spoke she said she wasn’t too concerned about the background being coloured but I thought it might look a little strange and the larger areas are quite easy anyway. I added a bit of blue to the sky, green and a light brown to the ground. I colour her whole head, hands and legs and went over the hair after words with a few strokes of white to replicate the white hair. Last but not least I added a hint of red in the mouth and white to the dress and collar and that was that.

Photo Restoration

When I delivered the photographs to Carmel she burst into tears, and that’s why I do what I do. It’s something simple for me but I love making people happy by revitalizing their memories!

Let me know what you think and feel free to leave any questions, comments or suggestions you might have.

Thanks for stopping by, come again soon!



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