Photographing in an Arena: Glorious Sons and Black Pistol Fire

On Thursday, February 27th I photographed Glorious Sons and Black Pistol Fire at Scotiabank Arena in Downtown Toronto for 102.1 The Edge. It can be tough to photograph in a stadium and Scotiabank no exception. Usually, you'll get a great light show but sometimes at the band's request, the lights can be dim and sporadic [...]


When I moved out of my family home a few years ago, my mom entrusted me with all our family photos. Actually, maybe I took them 'cause I felt responsible for them as the photographer of the family; someone who would save them and archive them for future generations to come. I've been meaning to [...]

Mike ‘Beard Guy’ Taylor Memorial Tribute Concert – Photo Review

Memorial Tribute Concert for Mike "Beard Guy" Taylor of Walk Off The Earth

BTS of Deanna Petcoff’s new single, ‘Stress’ – Directed by Brittpaperscissors

A few weeks back I was invited by the incredibly talented & creative director, Brittany Farhat (@Brittpaperscissors) to assist on the set of Deanna Petcoff's new music video for her single, 'Stress'. I was so excited to help out and snagged some behind the scenes sneaks. You can check out how intricate this set Britt [...]

BEST OF 2017

I don't have to tell you that 2017 was crazy. It was my first year fully freelancing (and I survived! woo!). One of my major goals was to photograph more music, and I can definitely say I did. 2016 | 3 Festivals, 20 concerts & 46 Bands vs. 2017 | 5 Festivals, 72 concerts & 161 [...]

Finding your own path…

& diving into the freelance world

Concert Photography 101

Tips and Tricks to shooting concert photography.

9 Bands in 12 Hours – Concert Recap: 04.21.2017

9 Bands in 12 Hours - Concert Recap