New Music Video with Buff Justice

Check out the latest video from Buff Justice, The Long Way!

And in case you missed it,

In December I teamed up with Brett MacMillan/Buff Justice ( to create two live music videos filmed at The Meat Locker Studio in Toronto.

Buff Justice is comprised of Brett MacMillan on Guitars and Vocals, Sarah Thawer ( on Drums and Luke Wood on Bass.

We knew weย wanted to release the first video, Seize The Day on New Years (because, hello, timing) so we went with an “After A New Years Party” theme and focused on capturing the raw energy of their performance.

I’d love to know what you think of the videos and if we managed to capture the essence of the music!

I’d really love to build on this video work and start creating more conceptual videos. Lets connect if you’re looking to do the same!


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