Divinesque | Portrait Session

As many of you know, June marks Pride Month. The celebration began as a way to commemorate the Stonewall riots that happened at the end of June 1969. Many events are held this month worldwide to recognize the impact LGBT people have had in the world.
Divinesque has been a staple in the Toronto Drag and LGBTQ community and has been performing for over 30 years. She’s recently lost a whopping 117lbs and wanted to update her portraits and had a great idea for where she wanted to do them.
Despite it being incredibly hot we met up and took a stroll on Church St to start the session. We started on the corner of Church and Alexander St since there’s an awesome rainbow crosswalk.

We made our way up the block to Church and Wellesley to recreate an image Divinsque had done previously for a “Before & After” shot to show off her incredible transformation. That’s where we found the rainbow barber wall and of course her mural.

The whole time people were honking their horns and hollering “yaaass girl” at her, cause well let’s face it, she looks amazing, and we were stopped multiple times as people asked her for a photo.

After, we headed to the AIDS Memorial for some of my favourite shots. I’m ashamed to say I actually didn’t know this was here. Opened in 1993, it is a series of concrete pillars carrying stainless steel plaques engraved with the names and dates of those who passed.


It was a ton of fun, her outfit was amazing and absolutely popped when we went to the memorial. Despite shooting in +38C weather, we were lucky that we managed to survive shooting in the heat. Hoping for more portrait sessions like this one!

If you’d like to see Divinesque perform, she’ll be at Hamilton PRIDE in the Park.
Mainstage, Corktown Park, Hamilton, ON, June 17, 2017 in the afternoon!

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Foggy Exploration with Alyna & Ishkhan

We’ve been having some unpredictable and unseasonably warm weather in Toronto so when I woke up to a warm foggy day last Thursday I put out a call to action!
Why not take advantage of this opportunity? Do you know what fog machines and their liquids cost?
Luckily, Alyna and Ishkhan came to the rescue! They responded to my facebook post and we set off on a foggy day adventure.

The fog had started to move by that point so we went to the Bluffs where we hoped the fog would still be thick; and was it ever. You could barely see the towering rocks, everything felt so quiet and eerie, no horizon in sight yet there was something romantic about it.

We took advantage of the low tide and I asked them if they wouldn’t mind taking some photographs for me. I loved the way her hair and his hat pop with monochromatic view of the lake. It really was a fun day.

What was unique about this process for me was there it was completely on a whim. I didn’t tell them what to wear or where we were going, we only decided after getting in the car. We got to the location and just went with it. I’m really hoping to do more of these soon, Lets go out and shoot!

(Also, we happened upon this super photographic pupper who kept posing for the camera. I love him.)

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It’s been a long time coming!
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As some of you may have experienced, I was constantly torn between my being a music photographer and being a wedding photographer. I had two websites, one geared towards weddings and the other for music but neither was very good.
I was living in denial that I couldn’t be a hopeless romantic who’s love of music puts her in the grungiest, dirtiest bars in the city.
I just couldn’t believe that I could have clients that enjoyed both.
Well even rockstars get married, so I can’t be the only one!

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It’s deep, like a wading pool.
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26 Days In Greece

From July 6th to August 1st I abandoned all of my responsibilities (well most of them) and boarded a plane to The Motherland with my mama. On July 9th, my cousin Vasilis, was getting married to his beautiful wife Gianna and Baptizing their son, George, and I had the pleasure of photographing their beautiful day. The whole trip was amazing and the time flew by so quickly. I have many stories to share but I thought I’d start with a bit of an introduction and sample of what you can expect as I share how I spent an unbelievable month in Greece.

It felt like a completely different world. When I was 6 my family had planned to move there from Canada but after about 6 months we ended up coming back. I always wondered what my life would have been like if I lived there.

As I look back at the photos, I love to play between black and white and colour. Having done so has made me wonder some times if it was all a dream/what year is it? I don’t think I took advantage of the time I had with family but I’m so glad I got to make all those memories.

The View from Thissio
The roads that wind around the mountain high
Churches hidden on the mountain

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