welcome to the studio

Thank you so much for booking with us! We’re excited to have you in the studio!


Address: 28 Industrial Street, Unit #211, East York, M4G 1Y9
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Please note we’re on the 2nd Floor and there are no elevators.
GPS instructions might tell you to turn on Industrial Street and then immediately turn left, DO NOT turn left, continue straight on Industrial Street and you’ll see a large white building on your left with a large parking lot in front. Feel free to park in any of the spaces
The entrance of the building is on the right side, you’ll see a large “Entrance” sign around the corner from the glass entry doors. The main entrance to the building should be unlocked but if not, please buzz 1211 to be let in. Once you’re in, head up to the 2nd floor and we’re about halfway down the hall. the door will be unlocked but if not ring the doorbell and the studio attendant will let you in.


Parking is available in front of the building, if the lot is full, there is free parking on the street (evenings/weekends only)


Your rental time includes set-up & tear-down., please schedule your time accordingly. Any additional time will be charged at $50/hr.


Book online at https://vengenza-jo.square.site/s/appointments.
Email/DM Requests – Pre-pay by e-transfer or credit card using the invoice provided.
If you’d like to pay debit or cash on the day of at least a 25% deposit must be made prior to the booking.
Any additional time must be paid immediately after the booking is complete.


• The studio is not soundproof, please keep music at a reasonable level.
• Do not mount/install anything in the space without prior consent. This includes hanging artwork/backgrounds.
• The rental is for this studio only. Please refrain from photographing, filming, loitering, storing things, or putting up signs in the shared communal space of the building (hallways, stairs). Do not disrupt the residential neighbours who live/work there during all hours.
• If you use glitter, fake snowflakes, or any other similar material you must fully sweep/vacuum.
• Keep studio doors closed to avoid interruptions during your rental.
• There is furniture available to use, feel free to move/use any furniture but please leave the studio as you found it.
• Please inform guests ahead of time to bring clean, indoor shoes or slippers. Especially during rainy days and winter months when we have a strict ‘no outdoor shoes policy’ due to puddles left behind by slush.
• Feel free to access the Kitchen and Bathroom as needed.
• Seamless Paper Rolls: $6/linear foot of paper used. No charge if the paper isn’t dirtied, ripped or damaged.


Wifi Name: Vengenza Studios
Password: Industrial2020*


The Bluetooth receiver is located beside the record player, it should be discoverable as “Esinkin BT Adapter” but if not, click on the button on top of the receiver to wake it up.
No password is needed.


Please inform us ahead of time if you’d like to use a smoke/haze machine.

If you have any questions regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact us! shootme@vengenza.ca
Thanks so much!


• For any large messes or spills, cleaning supplies
(broom, mop & bucket) can be found in the washroom.
• Please respect the space and put garbage in the garbage can.
If it does not fit, there are extra garbage bags under the sink.


Please note masks must be worn when entering the building and in
all the public spaces, stairs, and hallways. In the studio, it is up to you once I leave.
There are hand sanitiser stations around the studio and the studio is sanitized before and after each session.


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