Hey friends!

As some of you may know I have been reaching out to bands and producers for portrait sessions. I’m looking to do more editorial and commercial work and this has been a great way to get myself thinking creatively. I’ve been working on a few of them and I’m so excited that I get to start releasing these!

Please note that due to the overwhelming number of requests I am no longer able to accommodate TF shoots however if you’re interested in setting up your own portrait session please contact me through my contact form or at

My most recent portrait session was with Producer, Mixer, Engineer/Crazy talented musician Ross Hayes Citrullo.

After seeing Ross perform with his band The Commoners a few weeks ago at Lee’s Palace and then again during Canadian Music Week I was very excited to work with him. It was an honour to have him sit for a portrait session, here are some of our results.

_DSC6757_DSC6476Ross works out of Ildsjel Collective studio and has a pretty amazing recording space set up as you can see from the above photographs. You can find out more about his work and what he does on his site here.

_DSC6516_DSC6887I asked Ross to sit back and relax as I wanted to capture his essence; What he does in his space as I worked around him. I like to think I’m going in as documentary photographer, there to capture images for a (fictional) narrative or editorial.

_DSC6578_DSC6614As you might have noticed the room is actually lit with these colours. (It’s actually controlled with his phone and is pretty snazzy if you ask me!) The only light source I brought was an 8×10″ LED Panel but I got to play with the ambient light source in the room. Since Ross showed me his website and his colourful new logo I wanted to play with those tones in his photos. I enjoy working with constant lights because you can see your results in camera. What I don’t like about them however is that they don’t quite give off enough power and I find my images to be grainier than I’d like.


As you can see from the last two images, Ross’ assistant Connor joined us for some of the action shots & jumped in for a portrait of his own.
I had such a great time shooting these and I can’t wait to add a select few to my portfolio. I hope you enjoyed looking through these as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by! And once again if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below!




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