Surfing in Scarborough

Last Friday’s adventure with fellow music photographer, Janine Van Oostrom included watching surfers on a beach in Scarborough and searching for vintage cameras. Janine and I met  while shooting the Coleman Hell Sugar Beach Session at 102.1 The Edge last month. We introduced ourselves and realized we’re both members of a collective of female photographers from across the world called The Photo Ladies ( . We also realized we enjoyed vintage camera collecting so I invited Janine to explore the antique shops along Kingston Road since I hadn’t been yet. We quickly realized these shops were asking for more than we would’ve like to spend and since our camera hunt was a bit of a bust I decided to give Janine a little tour of south Scarborough.

As you’ve most likely noticed, I’ve been to The Bluffs quite a few times in the last few weeks. There’s something calming about watching the tide come in. There are so many places to explore so you’ll be seeing it often. On this particular day it was a bit cold anda rather windy. The beach from Alyna & Ishkhan’s session was now 4 feet under water. We watched in awe as brave souls in body suits waded out to try and catch some waves. My iPhone battery was low and ended up dying because of the cold (grr) but I had my D800 and 50mm 1.4 lens. Definitely not the lens of choice, I wish I had my telephoto, but you work with what you have.


I edited these photos in Lightroom using XEQUALS Presets which are some pretty awesome film simulation presets I was introduced to. The beautiful part about them is they layer the effects so it’s really given me an opportunity to really take charge of my editing. You can find more about them here. My favourite are the cross-processing and contrast paper filters.

Thanks for viewing. Follow along on my daily adventures on Instagram @vengenzafotos




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