Week 1 – Perama, Greece

We arrived in Greece on the morning of July 7th. After a bit of a medical hiccup and quite a bit of turbulence on the plane, we landed safely and were greeted by my cousin Vasilis. His wedding (photos coming soon!) was in two days and everyone was rushing around making sure they had everything ready. I’m usually a bit nervous before a wedding but I was super nervous before this one. After having realized I left the tray of my Canon Selphy printer at home (d’oh!) I ended up buying a new one because we had planned to print photos during the reception.

I spent a bit of time visiting family. My cousin Dimitri owns the store across the street from my uncles house where we were staying. We went and visited my aunt and uncle where I snapped these fun portraits.

My days were spent visiting Dimitri’s shop and hanging out with my cousin’s son, George. Nights were spent with family around a table, eating, drinking, dancing, singing and reminiscing.

When I was 12 we came to Greece for a summer and a lot of days were spent splaying in this park at the bottom of the mountain. The park has since been deserted and I was warned to stay away due to the high number of refugees, of course this was after I wandered through it with my camera.


Thanks again for stopping by! Feel free to share, comment or send me an e-mail at shootme@vengenza.ca.

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