Machine Gun America

At the end of April we took a road trip down to Florida. As simply a passenger and not a driver I wasn’t in control of our stops but managed to photographed the sights as they passed. One important factor to note is I shot a lot of these through a car window so I brought along a circular polarizer to be able to shoot through the glass without reflection.

I got to borrow the Fuji X100T for the two weeks and really enjoyed it’s small size and how inconspicuous it was to those I may have been photographing or random passers by. I was worried about draining the battery too quickly so I often used the optical rangefinder, the only downside to that was that I wasn’t able to see the effect of my circular polarizer so I found myself switching back and forth from optical to digital viewfinders to make sure I was getting the desired effect. The battery actually lasted quite a while, I never had it die on me throughout the day. I like the focal length of the camera, it was just right for street shooting and the dynamic range of the camera is excellent, I only wish I hadn’t pushed the ISO as high as I did, it wasn’t necessary.

Here are a few of the photographs I took while I was down there, I’ve titled this blog after one of the stores located in Florida that we would drive by, there were probably half a dozen gun shops close to where we were staying but never did I feel unsafe, we just avoided honking when people cut us off.

More photos of my Florida adventures, recent concerts and portraits coming soon!

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