The (not so) Terrible Twos!

Isaac turned two this month so we had a mini shoot to capture this little ball of energy! I stayed still for about 5 minutes and then all hell broke loose (my favourite). I don’t like using flash photography for super little ones as it generally upsets them but I thought I might try this time.

As you can see I tried setting up some speedlights in two Westcott Apollo softboxes but since he was running around I put the flash directly on the camera, turned it away from him and let it bounce off the wall/ceiling behind me. The curious little thing laughed every time it fired, he loved it so much he began to ham it up in front of the camera for some most excellent results!


Finally sitting still for just a moment. Nikon D800 & Tamron 24-70 2.8, on camera flash firing off the wall behind me for some nice even lighting.
Tickle time of course! Nikon D800 & Tamron 24-70 2.8, on camera flash bouncing off the ceiling for the beautiful catch light in his eye. 

I always try and get the catchlight in the eye, there’s something that just adds a bit more life to the images, it still might be a decent shot without it but angling the light so you get that beautiful reflection makes the world of difference in a portrait.


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